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Народилась в рік Тигра, а по знаку гороскопу я Риба. Тобто, ні риба, ні м'ясо
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@pivkola @tarasmi this is a distraction from Ukraine. russians are geniuses of manipulation

@davidwjohns1111 One day you will read the entire history of Ukraine and then we will talk about Ukrainian culture☝️One day, when you stop spreading russian manipulations and lies

@RJ_Mk0 @KareemRifai Moreover, russia received nuclear weapons from Ukraine under the Budapest Memorandum. According to which russia became the guarantor of Ukraine's security. 🙄It looks like putting a fox to guard the chickens

Because of Ukraine's experience as part of the USSR, Ukrainians know the russians well and are trying to tell the world the truth. It all depends on what the world chooses - the bitter truth from Ukraine or the sweet lies from russia.

russians are not victims of the war in Ukraine, because it is at their expense and with their labor that all this is happening. russians do not want russia to collapse because they are imperialists and seek power over others, not over their own lives.

russia is destroying Ukraine, not the other way around. Support for Ukraine ≠ threat to russians. Support for russia = threat to Ukrainians.

It is surprising how foreigners perceive the war in Ukraine as a threat to the lives of russians. Even those russians who are not subject to mobilization. They are worried about the preservation of russian culture, even though it is Ukrainian culture that is under threat.

@ALowlyTarn1shed @SerGoliney @mundfish if the russians leave the territory of Ukraine, the war will end. the russians will stop the genocide of Ukrainians, and the Ukrainian army will stop killing the russians-occupiers. do not compare the losses of Ukraine and russia a terrorist country

@Seatree12 @BohdanaNeborak and what annoys you more? that Ukraine "sold out" to NATO? or that Ukrainians are "Nazis"? what gives you the biggest wave of righteous anger?

@VeraVanHorne What other "Nazi" traditions from Ukraine became known to you thanks to russian sponsorship💰? https://t.co/emF8fVlBYc

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