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Interesting new poll from Gallup on US voters' views of the war in Ukraine. One year on, a significant majority of Americans still stand by Ukraine and back U.S. support to Ukraine:

Ukraine isn't the only one getting Leopard battle tanks The Norwegian government announced it will acquire 54 Leopard 2 battle tanks: "By procuring German tanks, we ensure that Norway has the same type of tanks as our Nordic neighbors and close allies"

"In a series of buildings in Middletown, Iowa, empty shells are turned into weapons. The structures, and some of the machines, are roughly 80 years old. Built to fight German and Japanese armies, they now turn out shells for Ukraine"

In statement he highlights SFRC priorities: "providing Ukraine with the equipment and support it needs to defeat Russia"; "bolstering Taiwan鈥檚 defense to deter Chinese aggression"; "holding the Biden Administration accountable for its disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan"

New Ohio Senator JD Vance cites concerns over US support for Ukraine in new op-ed backing Trump in 2024: "Bipartisan foreign policy consensus has led the country astray many times...Very few were ever challenged by a leader of national significance"

After destroying eastern Ukrainian cities in their early offensives, Russia now plans to build 25 prisons and three forced labor camps in occupied areas of Ukraine

Fielding multiple types of Western tanks will create real logistics headaches for Ukraine + NATO: 鈥淚t鈥檚 like having a motorcycle, a boat, and a high-end sports car ... doing the maintenance on all of them yourself, while you鈥檙e being shot at鈥 Our story:

From White House: President Biden spoke this morning with President Macron of France, Chancellor Scholz of Germany, Prime Minister Meloni of Italy, and Prime Minister Sunak of the United Kingdom "as part of our close coordination on support for Ukraine"

Join us for a Zoom event analyzing the Western response to the war in Ukraine and other top national security issues this Thursday:

Exclusive: After the US didn鈥檛 answer Ukraine鈥檚 call for cluster munitions to aid its war against Russia, Ukraine turned to Turkey. And Turkey delivered My latest with @JackDetsch, with more the weird role Turkey is playing in this conflict

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