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@MidnightMitch It was a Ukrainian S-300 which is crappy old Soviet tech. It鈥檚 possible the USA paid for a former Soviet block country to ship the system to Ukraine. Regardless it鈥檚 still mostly Russia鈥檚 fault for launching 100 missiles at Ukraine that they had to try to shoot down.

@JeffNeelzebubII He needs to iron or steam his Ukraine flag at least, still the square creases from the packaging lol

@AltHistoryHub I highly doubt Crimea returns to Ukraine without a 1991 style breakup of Russia again.

@RealCynicalFox Ukraine still doesn鈥檛 have combined arms superiority, and they never will at the rate we are arming them. Unless that changes big opportunities like this will be missed because Ukrainiane doesn鈥檛 have enough long range weapons and the air superiority to execute such operations.

@Maks_NAFO_FELLA Majority of Republicans support countering Russia via supporting Ukraine. The grifters like MTG and Vance are a vocal minority.

@broe_jake Hey Jake you aughta take a steamer to your Ukraine flag. Will look better without the folded squares from the packaging 馃

@NOELreports Didn鈥檛 the USA or NATO do a sort of military naval corridor to ensure oil exports in the 80鈥檚 or 90鈥檚 in the Middle East. Something similar needs to be done with Ukraine鈥檚 grain exports.

@UAWeapons The Russians are dug in and Ukraine does not have combined arms superiority. Sadly we are going to keep seeing serious losses like this.

@RGIII @brittneygriner She鈥檚 sadly the victim of geopolitics. If you want her Home, encourage Biden to REALLY get hard on Russia. Otherwise Putin will hold onto her for political capital for Ukraine. She will not come home as long as that dictatorship is in power.

@ozzycat243 Sad that it will likely still take years of conflict in Ukraine to get us to 1991 repeat.

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