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@jayjaymoshows @outdoorsmanning @supertanskiii @SandraDunn1955 Wow what,as far as we know which isn't much Ukraine could have gotten their hands on Russian equipment(a very good possibility) and launched at Poland which would mean now NATO can become more involved like Zelensky has wanted the whole time.

@Brelwi1 @Skex16 @tubawidow @wcgroovy I'm not anti-Ukrainian people,I am however anti Ukrainian government,they are not a democracy and one of the most corrupt governments there are,it's no surprise half our government is in thick with their corruption,shit the CIA trained the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine!

@Brelwi1 @Skex16 @tubawidow @wcgroovy Why do people with the Ukraine flag always say the dumbest shit?

@EEHELI @KariLake @bgmasters Yes we did help the global inflation,face it we are running the show when it comes to the war in Ukraine we are most likely setting the sanctions against Russia problem being these sanctions don't only hurt those intended they hurt others as well,that's a fact!

People in the UK were much better off until the war in Ukraine,their economy is collapsing,we here in the US are following suit,yes it may take a little longer for it to happen here but it's inevitable if things continue on this path. Meanwhile the Russian Ruble is as strong!

@JD_Rollins @DayinMLB @brithume Without a doubt covid and the war in Ukraine has something to do with it,but inflation is government printing money,whether it's the US,Greece,etc. So why continue to print it,if it's the main cause of an Inflationary period!

@Dems_Lack_Souls @Bobbobson568 @Mr_Kevin_1997 @M_Millerman Oh yeah,they are using Ukraine to funnel money thru,there is so much corruption running thru Ukraine its insane,maybe half of the money being sent to them is going towards the war,the rest is being laundered,not to mention I believe Ukraine is a hub for trafficking

@OpDracula @KompozytorE @thos59 @TimRunsHisMouth How do you know all the funding we are giving Ukraine is actually going towards their defense? Easy answer you don't nor do the rest of us which is also why people who are against the further funding of it would like some transparency but there is none.

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