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For those wondering why DeSantis would join Trump in choosing Putin and Russia (the county carrying out genocide in the peaceful country it invaded) over Ukraine (our democratic ally fighting to defend its sovereignty and democracy worldwide).

Ron DeSantis is repeating Russian talking points on the show hosted by Putin's chief American propagandist, Tucker Carlson. DeSantis says, "becoming further entangled in a territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia is not [a vital US interest]."

McCarthy declined an invitation to see how US aid is used in Ukraine, choosing to sit safely in DC and discuss cutting and running on our ally. Meanwhile, "Putin is still focused on carrying out war crimes in pursuit of genocide," writes @SarahAshtonLV

After surviving Putin's winter of terror, Ukrainians have proven their worth in the fight for democracy in western Europe. Now, @SarahAshtonLV writes, Ukraine looks towards the west to hold up their end of the deal, AKA send FIGHTER JETS!

Let's play a game of "Name That Fascist!" You'll be shocked by how hard it is to distinguish between the Russian committing genocide in Ukraine and the American asshats who enable him. Answers here:

Ukrainians have spent the last year fighting and dying to defend their independence, and democracy in Europe. In her new piece, @SarahAshtonLV calls for action on EU membership for Ukraine and...please, just send the damn fighter jets!

In the lead-up to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Biden Admin released information directly refuting and laying bare the absurdity of Putin's lies about his plans. @jenmercieca writes about how weirdifying the propaganda helped Biden galvanize the West.

Warning bells of fascism should be going off across America. It's easy to see fascism in full-blown horror in Putin's terror campaign in Ukraine, but we're lying to ourselves if we pretend early signs aren鈥檛 all around us here at home.

Injured on the front line earlier today, @SarahAshtonLV went to Ukraine to cover the war as a journalist. Read in her own words why joining the Armed Forces of Ukraine became, for her, a moral imperative. Heal quickly, Sarah! #Hero #SlavaUkraini

Relieved to read this, @SarahAshtonLV! Thank you for all you're doing for the people of Ukraine and democracy around the world. You astound us! We are so grateful to help share your incredible work. Rest and heal. #SlavaUkraini

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