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Mike Quigley
Representing Illinois' 5th District. House Appropriator, Intelligence Committee member, amateur hockey player, proud Cubs fan. He/Him.
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@HouseDemocrats This month, I visited Ukraine and met with President Zelenskyy. I saw the atrocities the Russian army committed in Bucha - mass graves, buildings in ruin, and families' lives changed forever. This trip strengthened my resolve to further aid Ukraine in this fight.

@HouseDemocrats In February, I led 115 members in a letter to President Biden requesting temporary protective status designation for Ukraine. The following month, the administration heeded our call and declared necessary and urgent TPS for Ukrainians.

It was an honor to meet with President Zelenskyy this past weekend. My colleagues and I assured him that the U.S. will continue to assist Ukraine in this fight against Putin. https://t.co/oFS4Wkmbkx

I鈥檓 in Ukraine today where I鈥檓 seeing firsthand the destruction caused by Putin鈥檚 illegal invasion. I met with President Zelenksy to hear first hand how the U.S. can help rebuild and continue to resist the Russian assault. https://t.co/S17N2xElRR

In May, I stood before Congress to warn of the looming food crisis that Russia's war against Ukraine would cause. I am hopeful this agreement will help avoid further devastation not only in Ukraine, but around the world. https://t.co/ndCpOfBffI

This fight is far from over, but @POTUS and Congress are working to ensure Ukraine has what it needs on the battlefield. https://t.co/ztyrZ441Uf

We cannot allow the fight for Ukraine's freedom to fade from our international priorities. Ukraine is still enduring a brutal and unprovoked attack by Russia. Strikes on civilian targets are war crimes. The U.S. must continue doing all we can to put an end to this invasion.

It was wonderful to meet with @USAmbKyiv yesterday to hear what Ukrainians need at this point in their fight, and learn about the progress of shipments of military aid from the US to Ukraine. Slava Ukraini馃嚭馃嚘

I'm pleased Ukraine will be receiving an additional $1 billion in military aid. From the beginning of the invasion, I've said we must arm Ukraine to win this fight. Our dedication can't waiver at this critical moment, and the Administration continues to prove its commitment. https://t.co/um1hWUI4ry

Russia is using hunger as a weapon of war to attack Ukraine and to hold the entire world hostage to their demands. We must take steps to end their blockade of the Black Sea, prevent mass hunger, and ensure that Russia does not profit from theft or soaring prices.

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