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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Gree
Wife, Mother, and Congresswoman representing Georgia鈥檚 14th District
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The missile attack killing two innocent people in Poland was likely from Ukrainian Air Defense. We must stop letting Zelensky demand money & weapons from US taxpayers while he is trying to drag us into WW3. No more money to Ukraine. It鈥檚 time to end this war and demand peace.

I鈥檓 calling for an audit of all US aid and funding to Ukraine. The American people deserve to know how their money is being spent in defense of another nation鈥檚 border while the Biden regime ignores the threat to our national security everyday at our own border.

I want an audit of where every single penny has gone in funding to Ukraine. Everyone is ok with that, right?

But the climate, and gender affirming care for kids, and Ukraine!

You have a Ukraine flag before your American flag and claim people should vote Democrat so American tax dollars can keep defending a foreign country鈥檚 border while our border is completely under invasion. Ok, Mr. former national security 鈥渆xpert鈥 you go to the 馃嚭馃嚘 front lines.

There are more Democrat conspiracy theories & theorists on Twitter than Qanon ever produced. Most have blue check marks, post their pronouns, support war in Ukraine, are triple vaxxed & boosted, and work in corporate media, Hollywood, or the government. Blueanon is dangerous.

Just visited a disabled veterans center. 22 Vets kill themselves daily & problems at the VA are staggering. None of our veterans were disabled defending our border. Funding foreign wars, like Ukraine, and defending other country鈥檚 borders only creates more disabled veterans.

the Biden admin and our Democrat controlled Congress has sent close to $70 BILLION to Ukraine to fuel war with Russia. All this has done is killed thousands and thousands of people, drastically driven up the cost of living all over the world, endangered the energy..

From the start, I called for the only US involvement to be action and engagement to get Russia & Ukraine to the negotiating table for peace & I have voted NO to every ounce of American tax dollars funding this war. I predicted this was all about energy. In just over 7 months,

Today, I鈥檓 voting NO on the continuing resolution to fund America鈥檚 50 states, plus America鈥檚 51st state: Ukraine. Also in the news, Vladimir Putin has just annexed a large portion of Ukraine. Are we funding Russia, too?

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