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Chrissy Houlahan
Air Force veteran, engineer, entrepreneur, educator and the first woman ever to represent Pennsylvan
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It鈥檚 happening. Ukraine is liberating towns across Kharkiv and reclaiming more territory every day鈥攚e cannot let up our support. Ukrainians, we stand with you! 馃嚭馃嚘

I鈥檓 grateful to have joined @FP4America discussion focusing on NATO Expansion and strengthening the Atlantic alliance in the wake of the Ukraine war. While the current state of our world can be alarming, fighting for democratic values should not be the burden of just one nation.

All 30 NATO member countries have to vote yes for Sweden and Finland to be admitted, and I am hopeful that the seven still left to do so, will. I look forward to continuing to defend democracy and support Ukraine with Sweden and Finland at our side.

This is personal for me, too. My father was born in what is now Ukraine before fleeing during WWII, and he later served in the navy flying patrol planes to search for Russian submarines. When I was personally sanctioned by Russia, it was a point of pride for me and my family.

As a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I traveled in January to NATO headquarters in Brussels and then to Kyiv, Ukraine, to meet with senior Ukrainian officials to discuss their national security and express our support for their sovereignty.

Pandemic-related breaks in the supply chain and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have sent the cost of groceries and gas skyrocketing. Today, I was proud to vote for the annual Appropriations bill which prioritizes the investments that our communities need most.

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