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Putin orders mobilization of 300,000 because war in Ukraine is going very bad for him. In response, 194,000 Russians are fleeing country. The Russians are voting with their feet.

Enjoyed going on @SIRIUSXM this morning to talk about military recruitment, Russia & Ukraine, the protests in Iran, and my bipartisan bill that helps homeless and runaway youths. Listen to it here 猬囷笍

My For Country Caucus colleagues & I urge Sec. Blinken to demonstrate a US long-term commitment to Ukraine by formalizing a security assistance MOU. Putin must know we will not grow weary in the face of tyranny. He is a bully who must be stopped.

@Wilcox2022 Ukraine $$ is a drop in bucket compared to rest of the reckless spending. If Ukraine loses, it will cost us more.

Putin is a thug and bully. He doesn鈥檛 think #Ukraine should be an independent country. Ukrainians value their independence & we stand with them. They need the Free World鈥檚 help. If we don鈥檛, Putin won鈥檛 stop & he will go after the #Baltics next. I refuse to let that happen.

@sarabeth_von I鈥檓 for helping Ukraine defeat the Russian invasion with our and NATO鈥檚 aid. If Putin wins, it will cost us much more later.

Russia's attack on the Odesa port just hours after agreeing to allow the export of Ukrainian grain further proves Putin can't be trusted. Ukraine is among the world's largest wheat suppliers. This is a devastating blow to the global food supply chain.

@Conye91 @tomhunt1988 @ScottBentonMP I hear from many otherwise. A Russian win in Ukraine will be many times more costly for America.

@Conye91 @kfabnews @tomhunt1988 @ScottBentonMP No鈥 very few people think that about the Hard Infrastructure Bill or Ukraine. I鈥檒l stand by both.

Putin has escalated his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine to a war of starvation鈥攖argeting grain storage sites to starve our Ukrainians into submission. This pariah must be held accountable for his crimes, to include the global food crisis that will ensue.

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