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@navalny @leonidvolkov - I support your campaign to rescue Russian young men from Putin's partial mobilization and killing machine which is sending Russian young men to their deaths in a pointless genocidal war in Ukraine

time for the West to support the Russian anti-war movement led by Alexei Navalny to prevent Putin's partial mobilization and save the lives of Russian young men from Putin's killing machine - Putin is sending Russian young men to their deaths in a pointless war in Ukraine

Ukraine is fighting for its life against Putin's genocidal totalitarian regime and needs to be admitted into NATO immediately - Ukraine stands for life and freedom, while the Putin regime stands for genocide and totalitarianism

Putin revealed himself to be a racist, totalitarian barbarian in his latest speech - and so the West needs to admit Ukraine into NATO and to support Russian anti-war political prisoners like Alexei Navalny, Alexei Gorinov, Vladimir Kara Murza, and Andrei Pivovorov

the Navalny team is trying to save lives in Russia - they are trying to prevent men from being mobilized into the Russian army so they can avoid either being killed in Ukraine or becoming murderers themselves - they are trying to stop Putin's genocidal war in Ukraine

I am happy to see European Parliament president meeting with Yulia Navalnaya and Leonid Volkov - I hope their efforts lead to end of Ukraine war, collapse of Putin regime, and release of Navalny and other Russian democratic political prisoners opposed to Ukraine war

@navalny - I support a free and democratic Russia that respects fundamental human rights at home and abroad and stand in solidarity with all brave Russians who oppose Putin's genocidal war in Ukraine

@navalny - I support your campaign to remove Putin's totalitarian genocidal regime from power and end his war in Ukraine and bring democracy to Russia

@navalny - I agree with you that Putin's "partial mobilization" is a crime against the Russian nation - I salute you for your brave stance against the Ukraine war and the "Partial mobilization" - and support your immediate unconditional release from prison

2,500 Russians have been arrested for protesting Putin's "partial mobiliization" and his genocidal war in Ukraine; their belated efforts to oppose the Putin regime deserve Western support

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