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@RMikulinsky @NikaMelkozerova @TDF_UA russia is waging war against another nation and its fueled on hatred and evil. Ukraine has every right to be spiteful and they have every right to defend themselves. Can you not pay attention to what's going on?

@ukraine_world I have total respect and trust in Ukraine's Armed Forces. They're the warriors that every country needs for defence. Ukraine will be victorious and become the example to all of us in so many ways馃挋馃挍 #GloryToUkraine

@Kevin_Taylor_1 @SamRamani2 Ukraine was invaded by russia and has the right to defend its sovereignty and people by any legal means possible! russia is the Invader, and the other countries that are supplying it with weapons are prolonging the war and increasing its capacity to kill. See the difference?

@maria_drutska It was an amazing day for Ukraine and this news was the very best way to finish the day! 馃嚚馃嚘馃拰馃嚭馃嚘 #GloryToUkraine #AzovDefenders #GlorytotheHeroes

@OleksandrKolym I hope hunting went well. You're amazing! Ukraine is amazing! 馃挋馃挍 #GloryToUkraine

@RMikulinsky @NikaMelkozerova @TDF_UA I'm pretty sure it's russia that's destroying the great nation of Ukraine!

@rjs21 @Reuters He only wants to negotiate how Ukraine will implement HIS terms for ending the war. He's not interested in negotiating the actual terms with Ukraine. He's the most vile creature that ever disgraced this earth. #GloryToUkraine #putinisawarcrimimal #russiaisaterroriststate

@bsharper @AbdulAl43972361 @LnaJames2 @felix_light Ukraine has no soldiers in russia. They are NO in russia and want no part of it. They have the right to defend their homeland! The russian soldiers need to leave Ukraine by their own means or by being vaporized into red mist or chunks of flesh. Who cares how! #GloryToUkraine

@seby_baez You might want to check again about other countries. And I don't believe Nazism has any standing in Ukraine.

@Iamthisnotthat1 @BeekJoanna @GersagerH @Igor_from_Kyiv_ I'm so sorry to hear that but not surprised because the russian savages have committed so much evil! How are you doing now? Would you move back if you could after Ukraine wins and rebuilds? I hope they will find ways to compensate every Ukrainian! Be safe and well 馃挋馃挍

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