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saleeh Rasheed
This Palestinian carries his homeland in his heart to his grave . Keep fighting for it till then ; only death will silence me , salute to all free people .
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@WBCBaseball The west is very hypocrite about sports and politics ! They outlaw Russia and support Nazi Ukraine ; and say nothing in regard to a 74 criminal Israeli occupation ! They are morally bankrupt ...

Much of the west is a damn Zionist ass kisser ; they are a pathetic excuse for free people ! FIFA puts the Ukraine flag next to the score in games ! They are hypocritical and complicit when it comes to fairness ! Cowards and immorally bankrupt ...

@mehdirhasan @AJRonin4 @MehdiHasanShow She can be whatever she wants ! The problem is in people that support such a person and put her in power ; same for such character as trump ! White supremacy is on the rise ; and do not forget about Ukraine which models it self after Nazi and Zionist example ...

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