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@FrankLo25892685 @StratcomCentre @AlexKokcharov When you don't like the message, you try to find some fault with the messenger. But it does not change the facts. Ukraine is being spanked by being a mercenary for USA. Facts are facts.

@blackishmonday @Andreas4M @BlowOfTheWind @DarthPutinKGB Unlike Ukraine, Russia makes bombs, missiles, and will simply ramp up production. Russia is surprisingly self-sufficient. Best aerospace engineers, all the metals (e.g. titanium, which USA does not have). Just wait and see. USA is busy with trying to abort babies now 馃槀

@Robcipo @ThornbranchMyth @mhmck Israel is not neutral. Israel told Ukraine to surrender a long time ago. I brought up Africans in America to point out the shit-hole parts, don't blame if they are racially segregated. Aids is not guns. Only USA/UK are supply majority of the guns that makes Ukraine a target.

@YevheniiTsysar @OstrivGame We shall see. I bet Ukraine won't be in EU for years. Selling food to Africa is not very profitable. Can Ukraine help bail out Italy and Greece next time? That's what EU needs.

@Alona46653102 @OstrivGame My Ukrainian friends (new, met them there) told me, that's how I knew. It is a pity we are on different sides of the argument. I blame USA for this war (I live in California), and I wish Ukraine the best.

@blackishmonday @Andreas4M @BlowOfTheWind @DarthPutinKGB "No one kicks a dead dog" Ukraine was naughty enough to deserve a spanking. And Russia is trying hard NOT to kill Ukrainians. If they did, there would be no Ukrainians left. Ukrainians keep getting weapons, and a few Russian missiles go astray.

@Alona46653102 @OstrivGame I have been to Ukraine (Lviv) twice, 8 years ago. I was surprised Russians are hated so much. I saw a poor old woman selling a few carrots in the market, while mafia bosses parked luxury cars next to her. I do not say anything unless I know it for myself.

@Alona46653102 @OstrivGame Might is right. Ukraine thought it was mightier when it got some US guns to poke Russian minorities. Ukraine is finding out it was wrong. USA invades countries all the time. Did you feel this way way about the Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians, Vietnamese...? I doubt it.

This should be easy to verify. If true, it was Ukraine's own missiles that hit buildings in Kiev. Is the west actively spreading disinformation? Russia says mistakenly intercepted Ukrainian S-300 missile lands on Kyiv... https://t.co/nBp9WPmxzq via @YouTube

@ukrainesinger Russia targeted the shiny new weapons you got from USA/UK. The more weapons you get, the more targets they have. USA/UK will not shed blood for Ukraine, but just give enough so you remain their mercenary. It will be wise for Ukraine to learn a lesson, make friends with neighbors.

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