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A Rabbi in Slovenia, not a Rabbi of Slovenia. If you don't ask, I won't tell. Never too old to learn something new. Can't change the wold, so I cook.
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I love this reverse logic: "Israel is a colonial project because it has a large diaspora." 10 largest diasporas in the world: India Mexico China Russia Syria Bangladesh Pakistan Ukraine Philippines Afghanistan By that logic all above are "colonial projects".

I wanted to mention Jewish pogroms, but there are too many to list. They lasted from 36 (Alexandria pogrom) to 1947 (Aleppo riots). Over 2000 years of violence. In 1881 - 1920 there were 1326 pogroms in the area that is today Ukraine alone. 250.000 died, 2,5 M expelled. https://t.co/leCTxnl79W

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