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@ZelenskyyUa @DefenceU @POTUS Another present from the West to help your peril! Next will be ‘kill all Jews and save Ukraine’? That would be easier for you Nazi than fight Russia!

@Podolyak_M You can’t find more Devil than you Ukrs are who destroy Ukraine. Just stuff up with your idiotic comments

@DecodingTrolls @DmytroKuleba @ThunderSmolCat Who didn’t exist till 1721?! Ukraine never existed until Russia created them. Just go back to school f… idiot or just shut up!

@DefenceU You’d better shut up and stuff up with your ‘heroics’. Where are now 6 most prominent regions of old Ukraine? Just take them back and then pat your backs- not now!

@Podolyak_M @IMikhaleva Under duress you have 100% next time. The point is your war is lost. Ukrs never existed and will not be. Ukraine may if not demised by own Nazi government.

@ZelenskyyUa @United24media Only 30%?! Based on your standards it must 70% at least. Just wait for last 30%… Russia would be stupid to negotiate with you anything but your complete capitulation. Save the rest of Ukraine. Even Nazi Germany capitulated to save their people.

@NikaMelkozerova Don’t you glorify Ukrs violence? What is a difference?! Ethnic Russians in given to Ukraine by USSR regions also don’t deserve to be killed even by ‘saint Ukrs’?!

@TDF_UA 41 shot down - really?! Another glory to Ukraine! How many more you need to ‘shoot down’ to declare a war victory ?! And have few glasses of Nemiroff for change! Not sure about Krygopol but you might possess another couple tiny villages tCongratulations in advance!

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