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@krzysioactuary @FartherPhteven @USCivilDefense4 Time to replenish Ukraine's strategic deterrence capability (actually the best time for it was pre-2014):

@RJ_Macnaughton @TheRealRitch4 @caitoz @noanonymouse 馃ケ馃槾馃挙 Well done, you uncovered the master plan. No need to consider Putin's little green men or numerous false flag attacks in Ukraine.

@CaptainCorndog3 There's no way the U.S. govt would stop arming Ukraine with more and more advanced weapons, given the geostrategic advantage of doing so. Because of this, Russia needs to get realistic and announce that it is willing to withdraw to 1991 borders.

@KareemRifai Edit: Ukraine may eventually prevail without western support, but the casualties and human suffering would surely be higher. I know how proud Ukrainians are, so I figured I should amend my initial reply. 馃檴

@KareemRifai 馃挴 Because Ukraine, being much smaller than Russia, needs international support to defend itself against Russia (which has nukes to deter major incursions). "both sides are bad" 鈫 reduced aid to Ukraine 鈫 Russia gains advantage

@ruinwanderer Ukraine would prefer to have the suspects handed over, but alternatively: If Russia is to be taken seriously as a "great power", Russia should be willing to prosecute its own war criminals in good faith, as the U.S. has done in numerous military trials.

@jaans_kepaans @tesseract_1982 @ElnaMbioi62 Okay, so Ukraine needs tanks, but South Africa and Australia need flamethrowers.

@Michaelholt30 @mccaffreyr3 Yeah, you don't want Russia to start firing missiles into Ukraine.

@tweet4anna @Rowan_M72 I was following the account when it was named for someone else, and a few fellas showed photos of someone else's that were "borrowed." I was surprised, since the account had posted some genuine-seeming tweets.l about Ukraine and the war.

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