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Постоянное Представительство Российской Федерации при ОБСЕ / Permanent Mission of the Russian Federa
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#Volgarev: Until recently they were not particularly interested in the situation in #Ukraine. Although year after year we have called in vain for attention to the rise of neo-Nazism promoted by the Kiev regime and the persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

#Volgarev: We are deeply disappointed by the activities of the three Personal Representatives of the CiO on combating intolerance and discrimination. Their one-sided interpretations of events in #Ukraine do not stand up to criticism and go beyond their mandates

#Lukashevich: Russia's 🇷🇺 main goal is not to allow undermining European and global security through the situation in #Ukraine , whose inhabitants have been de facto turned into "cannon fodder" by the countries of the Western alliance

#Lukashevich: The #NATO countries, led by the #US 🇺🇸 and #UK 🇬🇧, have ceased to hide their main goal - to weaken, divide and destroy #Russia 🇷🇺 #Ukraine is used as a tool for the destruction of Russian statehood

#Volgarev: In #Ukraine, persecution and enforced disappearances is being used by the Ukrainian security services to combat dissent - arbitrary incommunicado detention has been a practice in Kyiv-controlled #Donbass since 2014

#Buyakevich: Neo-Nazi formations in Ukraine are still supplied w/ weapons, equipment & medicines by NATO countries, as they profess Russophobia & aim at physical destruction of dissent in Ukraine and committing armed crimes on Russian territory

#Buyakevich: ✴Ukraine was stubbornly integrated - as one of its elements - into the architecture of the global "empire of lies" that spread with the filling of the Western alliance

#Buyakevich: By promoting ideological basis for turning Ukraine into “anti-Russia”, NATO countries eventually stopped hiding their main goal: to make this country an instrument in their geopolitical struggle with 🇷🇺Russia

#Buyakevich: Ukraine has been openly prepared for 💣 war for 8 years - former nominal leaders of the Kiev regime, as well as officials in Washington publicly confirm it today

#Buyakevich: ⚫ Present-day Ukraine is in no way independent - after a bloody armed coup d'état organized from abroad in February 2014, external control was established over this country

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