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Video from Ukraine's 68th Jager Infantry Brigade of an ATGM strike on a Russian tank. Looks as though all three members of the crew survived.

A damaged/destroyed Russian Msta-SM2 howitzer photographed by members of Ukraine's 121st Territorial Defense Brigade in Kherson Oblast posted a week ago.

Ukraine's 110th Territorial Defense Brigade claims it destroyed two Russian 2S4 Tyulpan 240mm mortars with artillery fire.

@mgerrydoyle I think Ukraine is focused on taking terrain and/or defeating the Russian military (and thus its ability to hold Ukrainian territory), not undermining Putin's credibility.

Video of artillery (likely Excalibur) strikes on Russian equipment and troops by Ukraine's 57th Motorized Brigade, including a T-80BV, BMP-3, T-62MV, and other tanks and armored vehicles. Some of the footage may be old.

Every time Ukrainian troops retake a town that was under Russian occupation, we see these kind of scenes. Something to keep in mind when people tell Ukraine they need to stop their advances or negotiate away territory occupied by Russia. That would mean abandoning Ukrainians.

Video of strikes on a Russian BMP, MT-LB, and reportedly a BTR by Ukraine鈥檚 80th Air Assault Brigade.

Video of an air burst artillery strike on a Russian tank by Ukraine鈥檚 92nd Mechanized Brigade. Presumably, an Excalibur strike.

Video of Skif ATGM strikes by Ukraine's 1st Special Purpose Brigade reportedly on a Russian BMP and tank in Dudchany, Kherson Oblast. 163/

Video of artillery strikes on Russian BMPs in Luhansk Oblast by Ukraine鈥檚 25th Airborne Brigade.

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