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Brenda Shaffer
Prof. Brenda Shaffer specializes in international energy, Middle East, Azerbaijan, Caucasus, Caspian energy, and the East-Med. Passion-mountain gorillas
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@RepAnnaEshoo Where is #Artsakh? Is that a country? Does the US Congress have a map? Do you support Ukraine鈥檚 territorial integrity? And of other states neighboring Russia?

The US stands up for territorial integrity of Ukraine, but its ok for Russia and its proxy Armenia to continue to occupy territories of other states per @SenRubioPress

"Europe鈥檚 energy security problems long predate Russia鈥檚 invasion of Ukraine. Europe set itself up to be vulnerable and already experienced energy crises over the past two winters. Still, most EU countries did not change course." @ForeignPolicy #OOTT

Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act penalizes #Azerbaijan for defending its territorial integrity from Russia's proxy -- Armenia. Can you imagine criticizing Ukraine for defending its own territory?

An uneasy alliance between Ukraine鈥檚 state-owned energy company and its Russian counterpart keeps gas moving to Europe and fills government coffers on both sides as the war drags on

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