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Let us remain united in faith and solidarity with the people who suffer because of war. Let us especially not forget the battered people of Ukraine.

One year ago the absurd war against Ukraine began. Let us remain close to the tormented Ukrainian people, who continue to suffer, and let us ask ourselves: has everything possible been done to stop the war? Peace built on rubble will never be a true victory.

Let us continue to stay close, with prayer and concrete support, to the earthquake victims in #Syria and #Turkey. And let us not forget tormented Ukraine: may the Lord open ways of peace and give those responsible the courage to follow them. Let鈥檚 #PrayTogether

We entrust to Our Lady of Africa the cause of #Peace in #SouthSudan and in the entire African continent. To Our Lady we also entrust peace in our world, especially in the many countries at war, like Ukraine, which suffers so greatly. #PrayTogether

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