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Михайло Подоляк
Adviser to the Head of the Office of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy / Official Telegram pa
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Within 48 hours of @ZelenskyyUa signing application to join NATO, 10 bloc countries supported Ukraine's membership in the Alliance – mostly countries that remember poisonous claws of ru-empire. We are grateful for the leadership and responsibility. History is being made today.

There are no more doubts: Ukraine must be in EU and NATO. And our partners support us in protecting the fundamental values. As of today, we are starting intensive consultations regarding 🇺🇦 joining NATO. This path will not be easy, but we will pass it. The course is fixed.

Media worldwide must understand: there are no "referendums" in Ukraine, our borders are legitimate and will remain as so. There is 🇷🇺 propaganda show on the occupied territories, which is documented by 🇺🇦. This will be the evidence of collaborators’ sentences after de-occupation.

Once again about the crucial. Today, there is no legal action called a "referendum" in the occupied territories. There is only – 1. Propaganda show for z-conscription. 2. The territory of Ukraine that needs an immediate release.

Forcibly conscripted Russians who do not wish to die ignominiously in a foreign country. Surrender when there is a first opportunity. Ukraine guarantees your life and dignified treatment. According to the Geneva Convention, you will not be extradited to the RF unless you want to.

RF's desire to conscript a million people, rebuild the economy to work on the military and charge the crowd with nuclear propaganda – a direct threat to Poland, Baltic states and whole Europe. The only way out to stop this Horde – more heavy weapons for Ukraine. Right now.

Regarding so-called "referendums". 1. Ukrainians in the occupied territories should be vigilant and not give their passport data to the strangers. Any participation in "referendums" will be qualified as an encroachment on Ukraine‘s territorial integrity. 1/2

206th day of the war. A small but professional "pack of 🇺🇦 Wolves" continues to gracefully tear apart the huge "herd of 🇷🇺 rams" in the southern and eastern directions. Invasion of Ukraine will go down in history as the "biggest geopolitical disaster" for Kremlin’s Politburo 2.0.

@andresxnavarro @lopezobrador_ Thank you very much for the right words and excellent position. I have absolutely no doubt that among the Mexicans the vast majority understands what Freedom is and what Ukraine is fighting ...

Putin is talking about the desire for peace again? Amazingly. Because "conflict resolution" is extremely simple. Immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from the entire territory of Ukraine.

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