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@SenateDems @SenStabenow We Say; The price of gas, groceries and inflation is higher, now than when Trump was in office They Say; That’s not true now be okay with our agenda We Sat; no more money to Ukraine They Say; you’re supporting Putin We Say; no weapons to Ukraine They Say; you’ll start WW3

@CKeirns Oh yeah we should definitely follow the instructions of this person by giving weapons money and troops to Ukraine 🇺🇦 WTH 🤦‍♀️

@msureshmba @DVATW Stop drinking the globalist corporate cool aid! Russia has nukes and the Ukraine doesn’t! The “war” is tantamount to the USA V Mexico! This is another globalist money making scheme just like the Covid vaccines! War is BIG MONEY 💰 America say no to #BidensWar

@itzadriheet @DineshDSouza Biden is a globalist puppet placed into office. Rinos, cotton and graham are worse than warmongering democrats like Kirby and Schiff; this whole thing is a distraction to hide crimes that will be discovered in Ukraine: bio labs money laundering human trafficking and you know it

@SweetieWalker @emeriticus #EducatingLiberals The “war” in Ukraine is not a war but a crime seen fought by proxy for the purpose of concealing money laundering and biological weapons research facilities! SEE: @StateDept and @VictoriaNuland Russia has nukes Ukraine does not! Critical thinking is a must!

@jasonwalters016 @RonFilipkowski CIA UN color revolution took place in 2014 at which time Zelenski was placed into power. America do your research. @StateDept Ukraine 🇺🇦 is the top spot for money laundering bio labs human trafficking and weapons trafficking! The D’s are hiding their secrets/crimes here!#WWIII

@joncoopertweets Hi Jon, You seem obsessed with President Trump, why aren’t you talking about Biden’s accomplishments? Don’t you approve of his economic recovery act? How about the state of the southern border? Food prices? Rising crime rates! Fentanyl! Where do you stand on Ukraine? WWIII….?

@Kahn4C @BellyDanceFanC1 @LPNH You just answered the liberals question! Q: “Why is Putin’s War with Ukraine?” A: It isn’t! Putin has nukes, fighter jets, bombers & Ukraine has None! if he was at war with Ukraine it would already be over. Putin is on the ground emptying the bio labs, then blowing them up!

@HerbertRTarlicJ @DC_Draino @JKash000 To keep hidden the crimes committed by those congressional leaders and those who work at our 3 letter agencies! Ukraine is a cesspool of money laundering, weapon smuggling, human trafficking for the wealthiest criminals on earth! It’s not a secret; see yourself @StateDept

@LindseyGrahamSC Lindsey the war between Russia and Ukraine was over in the first half hour when Russia took control of the airspace over Ukraine AND YOU KNOW IT! Why are you lying to the American people? What are you up to? Resign now! Before you’re arrested! You are a Traitor! GOD help you

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