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@ArouetZorba @Tiffkearney @AdamKinzinger You're insane. USA and NATO want this war w Russia through Ukraine. Wake up loon.

How do Republican lawmakers complain about inflation and cheer on money and Russia/Ukraine war and then saying they want to come to the rescue of Europe w Oil?!!!... Wow.

@bea_momento He gives it back to WH, it will go to Ukraine. smh

@BaconMore1 You act like i like Biden. I do not. Just know my life under Trump wasn't that much better. Only difference was Ukraine and inflation (we prob would have had inflation regardless).

@derbybbb Yes, we had a coup there. All part of the plan. Trump should have given nothing to Ukraine.

The funny part is unless resolved, the R's if they take the house will continue to send money to Ukraine. Joke's on us.

@whey_noe You have no idea. Trump was going to fund Ukraine clearly.

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