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Professor of Strategic Studies, @univofstandrews, Author: How the War was Won, and Second Most Power
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Quite a remarkable video by @WSJ @stephenkalin . The thing that really stands out is that the HIMARS now make up 70% of firepower Ukraine is deploying on its front line. And we are talking about around 20 systems (depending on what they are counting). That’s why they matter so.

Well, Ukraine is a democracy that MAGA can’t overthrow….

He already gave Putin a big win with Brexit, not he seems to want to negotiate another big win for Putin in Ukraine.

Putin's leading apologist in the UK basically calling for appeasing the dictator who just illegally annexed parts of Ukraine.

If Lukashenko is rash enough to order his army to attack Ukraine, will it actually follow orders? A smaller, combat experienced Ukrainian force with better weapons would be strongly favoured to devastate larger Belarus units.

Proves once again that Putin understands NATO is and was not a threat to him. He invaded Ukraine to expand Russia for imperial glory.

Interesting, before Feb 24 Poland had been very careful to limit aid to Ukraine to non lethal items. Since then, they have given some of the most lethal.

@EliotACohen speaking now, surprising how strong the bipartisan support is in the USA for Ukraine. Both parties have strong elements supporting aid.

Second session up, @MBielieskov on escalation. Early on Russia was quite successful in establishing red lines limiting escalation on what NATO would do for Ukraine.

Another fabulous paper at the conference by @OKhromeychuk which demonstrated how destructive it has been that many saw their perceptions of Ukraine through analysis shaped by Russian centric sources.

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