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To be clear, Ukraine won't get in (soon). NATO does not admit members who have border disputes. But there is certainly room for some diplomatic creativity.

This is less a commitment by the Americans to Ukraine, and more a commitment by Germany. I would expect to see movement on the weapons transfer issue in relatively short order (as the Germans measure time).

@kdinvestors We were very fortunate this year. Had extraordinarily good weather for most producers globally. But Europe has stopped making nitrogen fertilizer, China has stopped exporting phosphate, and potash will vanish with one hiccup in the Ukraine war. Next year will be rough.

If someone sees the depth of water where this supposedly went down, I would appreciate a share. Ukraine utterly lacks subsea capability. Russia's subsea capability is only in extremely shallow water (remember the complete inability to rescue the Kursk?)

@ThankElon 🤷🏻 The "rules" of this conflict are evolving at a blistering place. Just spit balling, but Ukraine no longer is outgunned 20 to 1. That opens up the options list for equipment.

@MarvelRaven The Orange Revolution in Kyiv was a Timoshenko/Yushchenko production. The US counseled caution because we didn't want the Russians to drop the hammer. But then we discovered the FSB had zero presence in Ukraine and decided, 'what the hell - why not?' 2/

Ukraine appears to have a assimilated enough of its gains from the Kharkiv advance to launch another significant effort. If Lyman can be fully secured, the next target would be Seiverodonetsk - that big transport hub the Russian spent months trying to capture over the summer.

#Israel has been bending over backwards to not take sides in the #UkraineWar. But now that #Russia is using Iranian #drones and actively supporting the Iranian weapons industry…

@yarotrof Nothing at all. That is kind of sort of his plan. And he was always going to go with that strategy after he conquered Ukraine. Or at least that was the plan until Ukraine fought back effectively.

The mobilization will it in essence double the number of troops that Russia has in Ukraine. They are folks who have served in the military before, so they do have some training, but it will still take months before the impact can be felt.

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