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If the love of money is the root of all evil then capitalism is the tree that grows from it. Corbyn
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@VXimages You're a waste of space. I tried to reason with you but like Zelensky you are a fucking idiot. Go to hell with him and all the other Nazi scum in Ukraine.

Actually for doing what it once accused Ukraine of until that country suddenly became very useful to them.

@VXimages Ukraine was attacking Russian citizens in the Donbass for eight years. Does that not count in your mind ?

@bahookey4 Ukraine cannot win. But in the very unlikely event that it, meaning the USA and it's western allies, were to succeed in crippling Russia, any chance of a better world would be gone. The USA would continue on it's uni-polar way to the great detriment of the planet.

@Mattrice2 @MarkJosephByrne @RueDaungier He's a disgrace to Ukraine, just as Johnson is a disgrace to the UK, and Biden is to the USA.

Much though I despise and despair of, the USA government, I think that any impetus toward sanity over Ukraine and China, is going to come from the American people. The British and Europeans are a waste of time.

The conflict in Ukraine, the crisis in the west, the political machinations in the UK, have all been a result of globalist/neocon plans, but thanks to Russian competence and western incompetence,they're not quite working out as envisioned.

@VXimages By Ukrainians who have been lying from the start. The most corrupt country in Europe has well lived up to it's reputation. Your claims against Russia and Putin are worthless. Ukraine is a US proxy and Zelensky is a US/western puppet.

Joe Biden. "I will not send American servicemen to fight in Ukraine"

In effect Washington is giving the green light to Ukraine to use a dirty bomb.

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