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Ukraine 101: If Russia loses, the Putin government will collapse, which will result in the final establishment of a singular world order. If the US loses the war, we are looking at a collapse of the Western economic and military order, and a reshuffling of the entire world order.

Things the Establishment wants YOU to ignore: Ukraine is a money laundering scheme, Hunter Biden鈥檚 laptop reveals DEEP STATE corruption and pedophilia. J6 protestors are being denied due process, 馃 was used for a money making scheme, Ghislane Maxwell clients are child rapists.

@MagnumSocius @Timcast Speaking of profit, how about that scam in Ukraine you support?

@neda_meme You鈥檙e delusional. Ukraine is a war for the MIC.

@neda_meme A) McConnell is a terrible neo-con like Joe Biden. They love WAR! The inflation is from all the trillions the Biden made out of thin air ( though I鈥檒l give Trump some of the credit). The wag the dog in Ukraine is an excuse for the inflation. Question the corporate propaganda. 鉁岎煆

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