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@POTUS I speak for all Americans when I say we need guns to be banned and fund Ukraine!

@POTUS I speak on behalf of EVERY American when I say we want you to lower military budget, send troops to Ukraine, ban all guns, free healthcare, free education, and tax everyone 50%!!!!!

@Wasteofskin2 @POTUS You speak for EVERY AMERICAN+ the unvaxxed should be sent to Ukraine as well!

@POTUS I speak for all Americans when I say we want the gas prices to keep going up, force everyone to buy electric cars, tax the unvaxxed and draft every MAN to Ukraine asap!!!

@FrancesThieme @gogogogogog35 @POTUS It鈥檚 not whether you like it or not, he speaks for ALL Americans!!!馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫 if you deny it you are a Russian traitor!!! And WE will send you to go fight for Ukraine!!!

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