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@IAPonomarenko If this was sabotage, which it most likely was, Ukraine would not have done this unless they had a plan to exploit the consequences....which are RU forces not being able to retreat or resupply over Crimea. This seems to imply they intend to push the offensive.

@elonmusk @pepsi Cool. Focus on this. Not tweeting about Ukraine.

@elonmusk @KyivPost Then call your buddy Putin and tell him to leave Ukraine.

@BadPriceHomer @yFactr @elonmusk @KyivPost I'm afraid if Putin considers that an option there is nothing we can do to stop him. If he gets what he wants in Ukraine he will want more, and his response will again be...give me what I want or I use nukes. He'll repeat until he eventually uses them once his terms are too much.

@elonmusk @KyivPost If Russia wants to start WWIII it's on them. They went to war against Ukraine...if they want to start waging war against others simultaneously it is also on them. Simply giving Russia territory because they demand it is just a recipe for them to keep demanding more.

@R_moses2 @LindseyGrahamSC No that was not part of the Budapest Memorandums. Ukraine's territorial integrity was never made contingent on what other countries were NATO members, nor was that ever in any written agreement.

@IAPonomarenko No only that; but all those units will find themselves completely trapped if UA cuts south to Mariupol and blows the Kerch bridge. Entirety of Crimea and southern Ukraine will be a gigantic cauldron with no escape.

@AVindman @USArmy @YVindman Tucker Carlson is an inflamed puss filled stain on America; first he's trashing the US Military as being too feminine while drooling over Russia, and then says nothing about the efficacy of US military training and hardware in Ukraine while saying we shouldn't even be involved.

@saintjavelin Honestly I think the video should stop after Russia is pushed from Ukraine.

@Lagiacrus96 @primkup1 @IAPonomarenko That would be an excellent choice for them. Head all the way back to St. Petersburg or Moscow and spend all winter mulling over whether they want to go back to Ukraine.

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