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What is it with #Democrats and their desire to see law abiding citizens lose their guns while criminals continue using them? They've tried this in every state they control and crime surges. And they were all for arming Ukraine and the Taliban! Hypocrite much?

@TheDemocrats Lol this a joke? Under Democrats we saw wages drop while the cost of living rose. We saw stocks, pensions and retirement accounts lose money while YOU gave Ukraine billions. Everything bad that's happened in 2 years is because of Democrats.

@ZaleskiLuke @greg_price11 Lol you didn't care when Biden and his junkie son stole from America while being bribed by Russia, Ukraine and China so do you really think we care how you feel about Trump?

@Bella_Davis @greg_price11 @Ziggy_West_ Since you didn't care that Pelosi or the Democrats never investigated Biden's role in Ukraine or China I'd say your post is irrelevant

@POTUS How much did you and your junkie son get from Ukraine for giving them billions?

@TheKenBarnett The best President. The worst is the senile criminal occupying the Oval Office now, giving Ukraine billions of tax dollars while our inner cities crumble and our border remains open to an invasion.

Does anyone else worry about Biden baiting a country with nuclear weapons? All it takes is one bomb... just one... to wipe out millions of lives. And Biden decides it would be smart to GIVE our tax dollars to Ukraine! Why can't we stay out of this???

So anti-American #BritneyGriner is freed while Paul Whelan remains in prison. Meanwhile after giving Ukraine billions to fight Russia Biden gives Russia an arms dealer responsible for the deaths of thousands. Make this make sense!

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