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2/2 because it is a thread of 2 tweets. If you know this part of the history of Russia's war against Ukraine you'd never have contributed talking about mythical "separatists".

The fuck they are. Russia has no way of defending that which they have stolen. They say the "borders" of Zaporozhzhia and Kherson are still to be drawn. Those borders are determined by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

That's because Ukraine doesn't give a fuck what Putin signs. His military is being defeated. That's it.

Ukraine's Armed Forces are actively gathering around Lyman and they couldn't give less fucks about what this bunch of bandits are doing.

Fascinating thread. How Russian family are choosing to turn a blind eye to what their country is doing to Ukraine. Read this. Their conscious choice is not to object to their war crimes but to unfriend or unfollow on social media.

A reminder of why Putin is doing this. War, it seems, is popular with Russians. It's a distraction from his domestic problems. He's afraid of democracy becoming contagious in the region, following Ukraine's example. Putin is an imperialist, fascist, war mongering, murderer.

On the one hand, this is a pigsty of their own making. On the other hand this shows that the leadership is totally absent. Either way these men are going to be sent to Ukraine with weapons in hand ready to kill Ukrainians.

Ha ha ha ha ha. Australia's Ambassador to Ukraine gets a #NewProfilePic 馃槀

The HIMARS systems are one of the most effective weapons of this war. Ukraine has 16 at present, now another 18 are on the way! Huge news.

In Russian captivity international organisations like @ICRC are refused access to Ukrainian POWs. We know that they are tortured and starved. Ukraine, on the other hand, does this.

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