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@JLNotHere So many people on here still think Ukraine is this innocent country being bullied by Russia. I would argue that the Ukraine has be provoking Russia with the help of the US.

Ukraine is corrupt AF. There, I said it. Mean tweet at me. 😂

@GayPatriot @JeffreyKofsky Ukraine is corrupt as hell and shouldn’t be admitted to NATO. Ukraine is the largest money laundering scheme in history and it has been going on for over a decade.

@JeffreyKofsky @GayPatriot Yeah, I think provoking Russia by trying to get Ukraine into NATO and putting US sponsored bio labs on Russia’s border didn’t help matters.

@JeffreyKofsky @GayPatriot I would argue that the Ukraine situation is nothing like the previous WW, and has been largely provoked by the US.

Abrams tank sales were “flat” last year, according to Barron’s. Sending them to Ukraine is just more military industrial complex grifting. Same as always, but with a chance of igniting WW3.

Biden is now considering sending tanks to the Ukraine. Do you know how reckless this is?! He wants a full on war and is doing everything to make it happen. Where is the media? 🦗🦗🦗

Don’t be distracted by the Biden documents scandal. The real scandal is his money laundering deals with Ukraine. They are trying to make you forget about that.

The same damn people who are whining that they feel lied to about Covid are the same people who are still drinking the media Kool-Aid about Ukraine, Jan 6th, etc. They still don’t get it, do they?

@djdoug4ever 😂yeah, primary the only people that actual want change is Washington. Makes a lot of sense. Give me a break. It is about power! Maybe they can push agenda that the voters actually care about and not Ukraine.

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