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@paulkrugman USA morally bankrupt, except for a few brief episodes like support of Ukraine. USA should split up. We need 2 party democracy in the northeast. Gun control AND criminal prosecutions. Abortion rights in 1st trimester AND protections for unborn later in pregnancy. Secede now

@piersmorgan America has become a land of criminals and wackos. Please talk about how we're helping Ukraine. Only decent or heroic occurrence in this country since 9/11

@RonFilipkowski America has become a land of criminals. Supporting Ukraine has given us a respite from the long road to hell we've been on for last decade

@TimRunsHisMouth The only thing America has to be proud of in the last decade is supporting Ukraine. Everything else has been an embarassment. Most of all the fascist Trump and his mindless followers like @TimRunsHisMouth

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