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Rest in Peace Gareth Jones, hero of Ukraine. https://t.co/eCX0Vxj9y2

@mattzarb @TheGreenParty Maybe you’re the one who needs to grow up, if you hadn’t been such a boastful twat 3 years ago you wouldn’t look like a mug for your old posts. Secondly, Ukraine will resist the fascist invasion you told it to capitulate to, in spite of your demands, you amoral coward. Goodnight

For my own part, there were times in Kyiv when I genuinely thought the city might fall, but that Ukraine would eventually be able to retake it. That's the biggest thing I got wrong on this war, and even then, it was only a niggling doubt rather than a full blown conclusion.

Increasingly learning that journalists like myself, who both correctly predicted that Russia would launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and that Ukraine would successfully repel the invasion, were actually in the minority.

He hasn’t used his platform to condemn his allies that don’t, and he has performed poorly when interviewing figures that don’t agree with him. You can criticise him for that, but painting him as anything but a vocal defender of Ukraine’s independence is deeply unfair imho.

It’s very clear I’m no fan of @OwenJones84, and my record on holding figures lobbying against Ukraine’s defence to account speaks for itself. But Owen very clearly has distanced himself from Corbyn on Ukraine, and has explicitly backed arms transfers & total victory for Ukraine.

Jeremy Corbyn was thrown out of Labour for his role in the antisemitism crisis & his remarks on the EHRC report which rejected the findings. He remains out of the party because he refused to apologise, then pushed pro-Kremlin lies about the war in Ukraine.

Biden has been, by some margin, the most progressive US President of my lifetime. From ending drone strikes, to the Cannabis pardons, to defending Ukraine, he has been unquestionably a positive influence on the world. So of course this is how he's seen: https://t.co/Mo0L7nXfdz

Guy who demands Ukraine sign a deal with Russia also thinks Russia shouldn’t be expected to stick to deals it has signed. More on fascist bootlicker news as this story develops. https://t.co/dAsfc3hV40

So, friends, allies, expect these people, who lobbied furiously to get us here, to fight you to the bitter end over our current decision to militarily assist Ukraine to defend itself from Russian violence. For the first time in a goddamn generation, they are finally losing.

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