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@spectator Peter Hitchens is a Russian fascist apologist Hes completely wrong about Ukrainian nationalism, patriotic national unity against brutal barbaric genocidal regime that wants to wipe Ukraine of the map & subjugate in citizens, destroy its democratic values is worth fighting for

@ZvikaKlein @runews @ZelenskyyUa @Jerusalem_Post @Ukraine @MFA_Ukraine Fake 馃槀 Shit photoshop it鈥檚 floating above the background 馃挬馃嚪馃嚭鉂 Get your self a better designer

@Pogggio1 I鈥檓 looking forward to going to Ukraine again I have friends and my wife鈥檚 family there

@Pogggio1 That鈥檚 so sweet, and good luck to you both When this war is over do you have any plans to go to Ukraine and meet up?

@patrick_tweets @abcdfghiklmnp @IFR2022 @ThomasByrneTD Tell me what part of Putin鈥榮 brutalist invasion of Ukraine is okay?

@patrick_tweets @abcdfghiklmnp @IFR2022 @ThomasByrneTD Have you got at least an argument for supporting Russias invasion of Ukraine As I鈥檓 embarrassed for you naively posting a Russian flag 馃挬馃嚪馃嚭鉂

@JUSTLFC2 @IntelCrab They have already decided, Freedom and democracy for Ukraine and the protection of western values from the fascist dictatorship

@DasRgen GAME OVER for #Russia #Iran is unwilling to send tens thousands of troops in #Ukraine to assist #Russia #iran will provide 馃挬 equipment as well #Ukraine lots of fight, but #Russia stand no chance now 馃槑馃憤馃徎

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