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@GeromanAT @WarInUkraineYet I am from Serbia and I think that Russia is a force that will make the world a better place and at the same time I think that Kosovo should be given independence. Why? Well, because it should be given to Crimea and Dombas and to all those who don't want to live there in Ukraine.

Zelenskyy: “Americans are ridiculous, decadent, over-fed and I have contempt for them” The Ukrainian authorities have stopped hiding that they only need money from the United States. They (Ukraine) treat us (USA) with complete contempt. https://t.co/1Z5DccdW34

Irish MEP Clare Daly has responded after she was put on a list compiled by Ukraine's secret service who it claims "promote narratives consonant with Russian propaganda" https://t.co/yKZNIALbv5

@DagnyTaggart369 It will also impose sanctions on the Sun because it shines on Russia and thus supports the war in Ukraine.

@spriteer_774400 He wants to say that there is no peace, only capitulation of the Ukraine. Well, I can agree.

@real__libyan @colonelhomsi there was also a limited series for collecting aid: about 16,000 dollars were collected, which is ridiculous compared to the 30 billion dollars that America invested in Ukraine. https://t.co/FazUPeARUW

@DarioMaglov @dbc00000000per @SkAnDuLoUs @MukutPathak1 @GeromanAT And they won't occupy them. Those who want to go to Russia will join (southeast of Ukraine). Eight years of shelling of Donbas and no one cares about it, eight years of practicing Nazism and you didn't mind? Are these European values?

@DarioMaglov @dbc00000000per @SkAnDuLoUs @MukutPathak1 @GeromanAT Russia has already defeated Ukraine and the West, but they didn't inform you about it.

Ukraine and Russia's representatives are expected to meet again in Istanbul to sign the agreement on the grain export coordinating center. https://t.co/bGLV0tl3hj

@KarenXY4 @grimelshauzen The order of the losers: 1.Ukraine because it lost many lives and territory for the needs of U.S. 2. The EU because with a stupid reaction, again in favor of U.S. it seized its economy 3. NATO because it proved to be ineffective and with bad weapons 4. RU, lost its EU partners.

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