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Quite extraordinary. The heroism of Ukraine’s resistance has decisively exposed those pundits, many with scant knowledge of the region, who urged the West to pressure Kyiv to do a deal with Putin’s depraved regime.

“These are war crimes committed by a depraved regime whose head disastrously misconstrued Ukraine’s willingness to fight.” @thetimes leader on Russia’s bombing of Ukrainian infrastructure. https://t.co/D2cBMJodGq

She’s getting deserved derision for this but it’s worth watching in order to gain a sense of the incoherence as well as immorality of a politics that demands *Nato* end the war in Ukraine. The cause is not to advance peace but to defend aggression & deny atrocious war crimes.

Sound decision. He’s been excellent in the vital task of aiding Ukraine in its just war of self-defence. But no one knows what his views are on economics. Best if he stays where he is, and does the only thing this govt can legitimately be proud of.

Still clueless. The way to de-escalate this war is for Ukraine to win it and thereby demonstrate that lawless aggression, the unilateral annexation of the sovereign territory of a member-state of the UN, and nuclear blackmail in furtherance of those ends will not succeed.

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