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@Heroiam_Slava @LiviuCaraman That鈥檚 kinda very optimistic? Considering there鈥檚 is about 320k Russians in Ukraine

@DEFENSEEXPRESS Good how many of these Ukraine had left since USSR collapse???

@Lowiiiiie @johnfran1977 @mikepatrick66 @SeanCloutier1 @runews Latvia Estonia Lithuania and Finland is okey bit Ukraine is not? Haha if you Ukraine joins nato than Putin won鈥檛 be able to get his empire back. And that鈥檚 a good thing

@youngscoping @Dutch_Bandera @ZelenskyyUa @JapanGov All those lands belong to kyivan rus. Which were taken from Ukraine when mongols destroyed kyivan rus

@SayinMinds @Tux_299 @Lukewearechange In 2014 Russia started the war by annexing Crimea and starting the war in Donbas, ever since there is a war btw Russia and Ukraine. And in 2022 Russian decided to escalate and fully invade.

@Kalaika13 @Burning12196087 @wallacemick For some reasons these leftists hate western imperialism but love and support Russian imperialism鈥 pathetic Putin apologist. YOU don鈥檛 want peace, you want Ukraine to be wiped off the map

@AlexeySytnik76 @wallacemick Smart about what? Forcing Ukraine to surrender? Mick wishes evil upon Ukrainians

@ozoneblue67 @wallacemick And bc of that Ukraine should surrender to Russia?? Are u insane

@wallacemick Does he know it will be worse if Ukraine just surrender? The gulag is not what people want

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