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I thought the $100+ Billion we sent to Ukraine was for weapons. Why are we sending 31 tanks??

@Val_Voshchevska I don鈥檛 think many people support Russia over Ukraine. I just don鈥檛 support the US sending billions of dollars when we can barely take care of our own.

I identify as Ukraine. Please send me $2.5 Billion.

@RonFilipkowski You鈥檙e a grown man with a Ukraine flag in your bio 馃ぃ

We should鈥檝e taken the $45 Billion we sent to Ukraine and built a wall around our entire Country and another wall around California just for good measure.

REMINDER: We didn鈥檛 have enough money to secure our southern border but we did have enough to send $45 Billion to Ukraine.

The best part about not having a Speaker is not being able to send more money to Ukraine.

We haven鈥檛 sent any money to Ukraine in like 2 days. Is it time to send more yet?

I guess I鈥檒l be suspended too soon. Seems Twitter is suspending accounts being critical of Ukraine.

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