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Haruspex. PTSD. 27 years Regular Army. There was a time I drove a Police car to work while wearing Army cams. Happy days. Unwilling to tolerate trolls. AFG.
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You have to wonder about this conflict when everything appears set up. Where no front line footage seems to exist. Where no war correspondents appear to be reporting. Remember when Ukraine announced a suburban bombing, with damaged cars, but all buildings windows were Intact?

Ukraine Ok it鈥檚 time. The @UN need to fulfill their charter now and step in Russia to withdraw Ukraine to respect that Cease fire Original borders respected The war is costing all of us.

@DifficultNerd Not dismissing anything Not supporting either side But I am saying arming Ukraine is not an appropriate answer

@DifficultNerd Elements in Ukraine caused regional concerns for Russia Don鈥檛 misinterpret Russia overstepped But this conflict is complicated It鈥檚 not good guy vs bad guy

@JoshButler France Spain Ukraine What other games can we play?

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