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Olesya Khromeychuk
Historian of East-Central Europe, PhD. Author of ‘Undetermined’ Ukrainians (2013) and A Loss (2021).
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I had the pleasure of discussing 'Invasion', @lukeharding1968's book about Russia's war in Ukraine with the author at @camlitfest. We will talk about this book again on 12 Dec at @Ukr_Institute: https://t.co/38BwlJ5O1w. Book early! Photos from @cambridgeunion by @dasha_tenditna. https://t.co/0Pwk4oz3in

I'm really looking forward to speaking at @GeorgeMasonU about Russia's war against Ukraine and my book, The Death of a Soldier. @stevenabarnes3, thank you so much for inviting me! Follow this link to register and join us online! 14 Nov 3 pm EST | 8 pm GMT. https://t.co/wxDWS8AMlF

'After centuries of imperialist repression and decades of Soviet subjugation, Ukraine has a profound story to tell about the meaning of freedom.' My piece for @nytimes. https://t.co/XDIrpo9Qx0 @nytopinion

‘The best way to understand Ukraine is to confront our own ignorance.’ A brilliant discussion between @terrelljstarr and @sasha_weirdsley on how to decolonise western coverage of Ukraine, org. by @Ukr_Institute & @UCLSSEES! Recording to follow on @Ukr_Institute’s YouTube channel. https://t.co/YSCJs9Hk0E

Really looking forward to speaking about the fight for freedom in Ukraine's history, and grateful to @LeibnizGWZO for giving me this platform. If you are in Leipzig, do join us! 👇

Friends in Paris, join me on 17 Oct at 'The War in Ukraine. Views from the (Eastern) Border of Europe', organised by @EHESS_fr & @MCerovic20: https://t.co/AdI0jzV1w7 where I'll be giving a keynote speech, and 18 Oct at 'Writing Ukraine' at @amerlibparis: https://t.co/Oi3iFhw9Pr https://t.co/jdcB232SVo

This year's Day of Defenders of Ukraine is particularly meaningful. Let's remember those who fell, care for those who returned, and support those who are serving. https://t.co/l9TMA6QiTb @BackAndAlive

Thank you, @StanleySBill, for inviting me to open @CamSlavicDept series on ‘Rethinking Slavonic Studies’. If you are in Cambridge, please join us on 13 Oct, 5.30pm at @SidneySussex. 🔹(Re)discovering Ukraine in the Context of Russia's War.🔸 https://t.co/laIlAz3uAh

What a warm welcome at @cheltfestivals! @georginagodwin, thank you for your thoughtful questions! Thrilled to be here with @YakimchukLyuba, @o_zabuzhko, @qarpa, @YGurzhy, @YKozlovets. Let this standing ovation (see video👇) be for the people of Ukraine! 🇺🇦🇬🇧 solidarity in action! https://t.co/H4PQ5HOUMt

We need to use all platforms to speak about Russia's criminal war against Ukraine. 📌Ukraine Day at @cheltfestivals 11 Oct 2022: https://t.co/oIR6fXIl5x 🎟️I will speak alongside @YakimchukLyuba at 2 pm - When War Comes to Your Home: https://t.co/kOGXFd2GEe https://t.co/fwqoVNKQ8o

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