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Nulland Voidsky, nondescript insignificant shell of a human strives to qualify as an individual in a world that is jam packed with superstars. #PlanetOnFire
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@RuhidaPTIPK would #Putin get away with invading #Ukraine️ if he told the world he was doing it for spiritual reasons, to honour his faith in God and restore the holy land of orthodox christianity and the birthright of his good and faithful people?

@RuhidaPTIPK yeah.. nobody cares about #Palestine, we’re all fixated on #Ukraine, #spyballoon, #interestrates, etc the world is looking the other way and #Israël knows it there’s no #StandWithPalestine even though it’s been going on for longer than Ukraine has been an independent state

home made snow mines for winter in #Ukraine time delay variable by thickness of foil use lots of foil for wagner boot trigger

@ClaudiaKulesa you know what… i’ll stop talking about it for a while and examine the links you sent me but i doubt i’ll ever be able to shake the suspicion that whole thing is #USA and #Russia 𓆴𓐐𓐞𓅯ing with each other with #Ukraine stuck in the middle and being sacrificed

@MEnterprises10 “take back crimea” is a fantasy #Russia has held #Crimea for 300+ years 1792 Treaty of Jassy it was never controlled by Russia hating #NATO wannabe #Ukraine when Ukraine became a Zelensky joke they tried to change history, but it’s not so easy history of Ukraine ⬅️

this is #Ukraine️ trying to extend the #UkraineWar into #Russia with strike capabilities supplied by #USA & #NATO #Putin has repeatedly said he’s ready to use nukes if #Russian territory is attacked with US/NATO weapons there’s a limit to “proxy” before it becomes #WW3

@RonHill47968803 i know, right Ronnie? who’da thunk the brave frontline heroes of #Ukraine would catch sight of their hated enemy and feel a little spark of #PeaceAndLove between their trenches? but as we all know in 2023 truth is stranger than fiction

if you agree with this please RETWEET might be able to change some minds about supporting war #StopWarInUkraine OCCUPY OUR COMMON GROUND #tweet4PEACE #tweet4CHANGE #tweet4FUTURE #tweet4NOW there must be a way to broker peace deal get #Putin out of #Ukraine

@virago08022961 @AvwriterJoe i have far less concern for #Russia or #Ukraine but a little for the victims of the war on both sides it’s the 21st century, & people who are engaging in, & supporting the war… are clearly satisfied with reenactment of #WW2 on the world stage starring #Putin & #Zelensky

@NHTC @VatniQ_BonQer so in the case of Crimea, Ukraine wouldn’t ve giving up “a square metre” that it had ever held in practice The compromise would be accepting that some of the ambitions and demands of Zelensky are not realistic, and may be reasons Putin won’t withdraw his forces.

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