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The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. #UAP 👽🛸
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@Sounds_4_People What a aggravating and weird coincidence but lately I’m learning all kinds of things about Ukraine that I never knew and it seems like a lot of the things that we use come from there. I hope he works it out and everything goes to plan.

@Swearengen_E_Al @ClaudiaWheatley @joncoopertweets Biden told his staff to tone down talk of support to Ukraine. Catholics saying “abortion of a child” are dog whistling Pro-Life rhetoric. DNC refuses for 4 yrs to prosecute Trump. Pelosi can’t keep a promise. Your identical to MAGA haters just fancy about it. Bigots never win.

@Swearengen_E_Al @ClaudiaWheatley @joncoopertweets If Dems quit butt kissing the DNC 1% super wealthy leadership who do nothing but lie incessantly & don’t prosecute Trump, don’t help Ukraine, let Biden push his Catholic agenda saying “abortion of a child“ in public… you wouldn’t have these problems. It’s why I’ll never vote Dem

@ClaudiaWheatley @joncoopertweets Both parties have just about run their course… democrats are hemorrhaging voters for colluding with GOP secretly, refusing to prosecute Trump, refusing to help Ukraine, Biden saying “abortion of a child“ to dog whistle his GOP buddies… The one percent have duped you. Wake up!

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