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@Eric3Gribble @mc_cloud73 @PolinaPomorenko @PJMikhailovich Georgia is the same thing like Ukraine. US trained ppl, promised to support Georgia if attack Russia and then when sh*it happened pretend no promises were given. Scott Ritter talked about this.

@BlueDogEyes1 that would be nice if Ukraine start dealing with all the Ukrainians nazis...maybe someday Ukraine became normal country

@PLnewstoday you are doing good job showing true face of nazism in Ukraine...keep up the good work! and report this 馃挬

@Plzbanme @BJalus @EvaKBartlett Remember when Ghost of Kiev was defending Ukraine? If someone was looking for planting false evidence they should look to Ukraine

@1ghostofKiev This is not correct...all those lines should go to the US ass ..and then to Ukraine.

@TerrySt98113150 @LaraPo8 @Ate20199 @blackintheempir @amnesty American comedian "You think they will be able to find one Ukrainian without svastika by sheer luck, but no". Ukraine has a serious issue with the nazis. At least you can thank Russians to clean this 馃挬, Zelensky would never have the strength to do that.

@EarthOne_13 @reggieamsterdam @LohnesMary @blackintheempir You mean this nice democracy? When they were burning Ukrainians alive? Torturing them? 14000 died from 2014 and the gif is from OSCE data monitoring ceasefire violations BEFORE Russia enter Ukraine, on a UKRAINIANS demand. Turn off tv,save your brain

@SoundmanUA @baronichitas that what Ghost of Kiev told you? 馃ぁ If only EU didn't documented Ukrainian nazis killing and torturing civilians in Ukraine...if only Ukrainian nazis didn't burned ppl alive

@escapetoneptune @mtracey Days before Russia enter Ukraine, and nazi Ukrainians preparing to kill even more Ukrainians

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