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💥💥💥🇺🇦🇷🇺Ukrainian citizens of the Zaporozhye region vote for secession from Ukraine and the reunification with Russia. . “It's unanimous!” said Evgeny Balitsky, at the forum. All those in attendance raised their hands in agreement.

🇺🇸Welcome to the USA❗️ Is this abomination Putin’s fault as well? Time to approve another multi billion-dollar aid package to Ukraine and NATO immediately.

💥🇺🇦Amnesty International stated that it does not intend to abandon its conclusions about Ukraine's violations of the laws of war! What now “I Stand with Ukraine” muppets?

💥🇺🇦 In Kiev, Nazi SBU officers reportedly killed Orthodox priest Sergiy Tarasov. SBU officers raided his home. They accused the priest of "treason", although he was not a civil servant and did not take vows in Ukraine. Ukrainian crimes against humanity.

⚠️🇺🇦 Required reading in Ukraine. Found in the Berdyansk public library. Welcome to Ukraine!

💥🇺🇦Ukrainian Military soldier funeral... Nazis in Ukraine? Yes, of course!

@Mikessaucery Yes. Ukraine and Taiwan, full of ds biolabs.

NEW: (p)Resident Biden is expected to announce an approximately $1 billion weapons package to Ukraine. Just wait until you see what Putin does next! BOOMS incoming!

BREAKING: Russia accuses Ukraine of ‘nuclear terrorism’

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