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Guys like this journalist have unimaginable logic, equalising sides in the war. But on one side you have: nuclear state using poorly educated and neglected Ukrainians as a cannon fodder for ussr revival goal ( basically zombie apocalypse). And on the other side you have Ukraine.

Utility workers cleaning Avdiivka, one of the hottest spots of Russia's war against Ukraine

9 months of the brutal invasion, cold, continuous mass killings of civilians, and the bombing of critical infrastructure. Nothing you see would have happened if Russia hadn't attacked Ukraine. Saying that Russia is too kind to us is just brutal. 👇

But really let's wait for official information. 100 missiles a day on Ukraine is how you really get two more countries affected. It is too much even for Russia.

I mean how stupid it was to attack Ukraine... Now they have allegedly angered those, who hate Russia even more than we do..

Ukraine is under massive missile attack. Cruise missiles. Russia yet again kills civilians. Terrorist demands negotiations, not understanding that the people of Ukraine, not even Zelenskyy or the West will decide. Cause Russia doesn't value human life and sees people as resources

What is important to understand that by voting in UN nobody takes away Ru money automatically, but mostly urge the parliaments ans governments to start searching for a possibility to transfer the assets for restoration of Ukraine.

The countries who support resolution, are those who agree not their own taxpayers, who help Ukraine now, but the agressor should pay for damage it has caused in Ukraine, support resolution. 👇

@SergiyKyslytsya predicts Ukraine will get some 80 votes in favour of the claim registry resolution. Money issues are always hard. Russia claims Ukraine will use the money to finance war, not restoration. Russian friends in UN doing their best to sabotage resolution. 👇

@joelw_762 @heykiddego @EKloczko They indeed violated the rules. But retaliation is not good in the case when nobody got hurt and Ukraine got positive and true coverage. I guess they could have just warned them publicly.

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