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@KyivIndependent A peace deal is needed, Elon Musk is now saying what I said in August… give up a small part of the Donbas (Crimeria was lost long ago and probably never should have been gifted to Ukraine) … in return A New Ukraine gets NATO membership

@Emaldrien @truth_about_war A deal IMO would be/ should be conditional on Ukraine/ A New Ukraine being granted full NATO membership

@truth_about_war Protect Odessa but give up the Donbas and strike a peace deal as Henry Kissinger said , without NATO not sure Ukraine can win, and NATO is not coming , #Reality

@DirkinBerlin @KyivIndependent No but NATO can help broker a peace deal, no weapons Ukraine can’t fight, the deal , offer the Donbas for peace and accept the fact Crimeria is Russian BUT if Russia turns down then NATO WILL fight with Ukraine

@thejcmcsquirter @KyivIndependent Also Crimea was lost long ago no getting that back probably never part of Ukraine

@thejcmcsquirter @KyivIndependent There is the undisputed parts of Ukraine for which I was 100% for Ukraine getting all it needed to drive Russia out but then there are parts disputed for a long time, cut a peace deal and end the war, NATO is not getting involved and without Ukraine may not win & lose everything

@KyivIndependent Time to make peace, Henry Kissinger is right, at least part of the Donbas is lost (Crimeria was lost long ago) In return Ukraine should be able to join NATO, a new Ukraine

@McFaul I agree with Henry Kissinger, part of the Donbas to Russia for a peace deal , Odessa off limits and in exchange for giving up the Donbas (disputed for a long time) a New Ukraine that would be admitted to NATO

@KyivIndependent IMO Henry Kissinger is right, cut a deal, part of the Donbas for a peace deal,AND a new Ukraine part of NATO , otherwise there will be a stalemate and much suffering not only for Ukraine but the world and Ukraine might lose in the end or more countries dragged in

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