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@repaveli_p @elonmusk @LindseyGrahamSC And they got murdered instead. So yeah, they trusted the government of Ukraine who ended up selling themselves as whores to the west

@donwinslow @rbsuesam It鈥檚 too late. Democrats will lose because of Biden鈥檚 warmongering in Ukraine and bankrupting the country. I voted for Biden. I campaigned and donated. And he not only let me down, he let the party down.

@SanPen1 @Erooster22 @Ballsagna925 It is Ukraine that is committing these atrocities and has been for over 8 years. You are either clueless or a Ukrainian nazi supporter. Either way you don鈥檛 know what the hell you are talking about.

@LinkeviciusL @ZelenskyyUa The only neo-nazis in this fight are Ukraine together with Baltics and Poland. Don鈥檛 worry, Russia knows what to do with fascist states.

@Ukraine Keep yapping鈥ill there is no Ukraine left at all. You sacrificed your people so that your corrupt nazi ruling class can get billions in their accounts. You are a disgrace of a country.

@Gerashchenko_en Thousands of patriots are telling the nazis in Ukraine and their puppet masters that they will fight you no matter the price because truth and God is with them. You can move to godless woke place of your choosing and stay there till karma catches up with you.

@NATO @jensstoltenberg 鉂滵onetsk is Ukraine NO MORE. Luhansk is Ukraine NO MORE. Kherson is Ukraine NO MORE. Zaporizhzhia is Ukraine NO MORE. Just like Crimea is Ukraine NO MORE鈥 There, fixed it for you.

@EmmanuelMacron @Strong3Mike Go hug Zelensky. Russia doesn鈥檛 give a 馃挬 how you feel or what you think. It鈥檚 done. People of Donbass and other areas who have been murdered by Ukrainian nazis for 8 long years have taken their fate into their own hands. They voted very clearly: NO to Ukraine, yes to Russia

So US is setting up command for war in Ukraine inside Germany. So is this like a coming home for the nazis?

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