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@wartranslated Weird. Don't they have commanding officers? But anyway, this is good for Ukraine.

@Le__Joo @Kasparov63 "Khruschchev historically gets slammed..." When this happened, Soviet Ukraine was still part of Soviet Union. It wasn't an important transfer bc they were under 1 Soviet Union. You can only 'slam' Khruschchev if everyone at that time had a window to the future of 1989 & 1992.

@SurKaktus @peorg @Geopolitica81 @spcohn @elonmusk @RenataKonkoly And yet, here we are. It's Russia that has invaded. They are the occupiers. They indiscriminately kill civilians. They pillage & plunder. They rape & kill women & even children. They forcefully take Ukrainian children to raise them in Russia. I don't see Ukraine invading Russia.

@SurKaktus @peorg @Geopolitica81 @spcohn @elonmusk @RenataKonkoly Please move to Russia if you are not there yet. I'm sure Putin will welcome you with open arms. You simply don't understand 'SOVEREIGNTY'. A sovereign country is that it can decide on its own what to do. Ukraine can & has decided on its own to join NATO and the EU.

@SurKaktus @Geopolitica81 @spcohn @elonmusk @RenataKonkoly With your line of thinking, France can go back & reclaim Louisiana from the U.S. or Mexico can reclaim California. World has moved on. If we go by the latest international agreement concerning the sovereignty & territorial integrity of Ukraine, that would be the 1994 Budapest A.

@SurKaktus @Geopolitica81 @spcohn @elonmusk @RenataKonkoly There is no credible rationale for Putin's land grab of Crimea & Donbas in 2014. Sovereignty & territorial integrity is what Russia ensured Ukraine in the 1994 Budapest Agreement. Can't expect Ukraine to bend over to a Minsk agreement when Russia didn't respect the 1994 agreement

@castlvillageman Putin will welcome Farage with open arms. But perhaps he still has a valid visa for Russia. Farage says the Ukraine war is NATO's doing.

@Flash_news_ua Every time I read this about Germany sending weapons to Ukraine, the immediate word that come to mind is 'WHEN' ?

@UASunflower What is getting boring is why NATO has not stepped in since February. Nothing to do with Ukraine not being in NATO because they have stepped in countries that are non-NATO when it threatened the security and economies of their NATO countries.

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