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@Ukrainene RF can retreat South Kherson....what for? It will be an smaller pocket cover with arty from all sides. They should assume it is over and surrender .. no point to stand and die for two, there or four days... It does not depends on them any longer. It depends on Ukraine.

@Flash_news_ua If true...thats all folks!!!! North Kherson is collapsed already. Slava Ukraine !!

@elonmusk @AkiKivirinta It was voted on 1991 all over Ukraine, 92% participation, even Crimea choosed to be Ukraine. How many times do you think people needs to vote? Every 4 years people vote for a goverment. Every 20 years people vote to belongs one country or another? Is It a good period of time?

@elonmusk @RenataKonkoly That is what Putin is doing. Give me Ukraine and i will be a good boy. Do you trust him?

@elonmusk @RenataKonkoly Numbers dont work at war ALWAYS. USA vs Vietnam. South 脕frica vs Africaniers. What peace are you expecting? There have been many agreements before in Ukraine. Russia did not respect them. I will do a very simple agreement with you. Give me a Tesla, i promise to be a good boy....

@fuckig_idiot @Ayei_Eloheichem If Belarus attack from the north of Ukraine, i think It is going to be the biggest mistake ever seen. So... What i have seen till now... It Will be.馃憤

@halfofahalf @witte_sergei Only Russia support that. UN including China and India already supports Ukraine sovereignity, and consider them fakes referendums.

@wisailovich @SerbiaBased EEUU and EU are about to take all that fronzen money from Russia. Russia will pay to Ukraine, EEUU and EU, and to all the world for this suffering. It wont be from our taxes.

@TZMporra @Longhairleeroy @QviikM @JosipGale @michel_larson_8 @Friedelkorn @keithamccluskey @n0bodyulike @wotpolskija @BSDetector123 @6number6 @thenewMJG @Klaus_Roehl @NocheMagicae @FernandoJneiva @FoxArktik @WALTERLURE75 @LCI @BFMTV @Kherson POST-WAR Challenges - Rebuilt Ukraine. - Join Ukraine to EU - EU Energy independece. - Support of African, Asian countries. - Support border Russian Republics/countries - Climate Change. 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤

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